Prep schools, programs and courses

Prep schools, educational institutions in the United States to cater to the students and parents who want to prepare for higher education. Generally, these academic institutions is actually very similar to the secondary educational institutions in the country, but more special and private. They are operated by its own board of trustees and operate on the basis of the fees to collect all of the students parents or guardians. These institutions also receive donations from outside sources, such as students or people who want to help fund the school, in the hope that children may join in the future. They are not only limited to a specific school or shared, depending on the concept of the academy. In the United States, and for the better part of North America, they are usually day schools instead of boarding schools, which are single-sex is quite common in Europe and is usually co-ed instead.


Despite the fact that there is another name of the general secondary education public institutions, which are common in the country, many prep schools with similar curriculum. The rigor that may be applicable to those institutions other than in terms of the pressure that students and their parents and teachers. Some variations may be present in the material, which may be the reason that many of the private schools seem to have a higher quality education than public schools, but this may be primarily due to the fact that most of these are the basics that they need outstanding students en masse. This is no guarantee, however, that private schools produce graduates who excel because there are also many graduates of public institutions that excel in their school and in the profession in the future.


The curriculum that prep schools similar to their counterparts in the public area. There is usually an English course, which is prevalent in the first year to the last. The English language courses range from reading literature and many others. The same applies to math and science, although these areas as diverse as the student advances freshman retirement years. These areas include geometry, trigonometry and other advanced courses such as going to the fourth year students of the academy. There is also an object of social science which can be included, but not limited to, history and other disciplines in the field. The theme of the steering wheel is also included in this course. Art is a course that is usually used in the first years of the senior year. There can be a fine arts or performing arts and many others that will be applied to students in the final year progresses. Prep schools is to prepare for the upcoming college level, so there is always a topic of choice, which is a lesson in college.

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